If you are looking for Vintage Wrist and Pocket Watch Information, including how-to repair, company history of, collecting info, watch supplies, watch restoration services, repair shop info, refurbishing tips, and recommended books and tools Then let me welcome you to “The Watch Guy” website. I’ve been collecting and repairing watches for many years. During that time I have put in thousands of hours learning everything I possibly could about the subject. Early on I realized that finding information, reference material and supplies was difficult and time consuming. I mean, it’s out there to be found Assuming you are probably searching for the same things I was searching for, I decided to start this site, and compile that information in one place to share my knowledge with others. I am an avid collector of vintage timepieces. I primarily collect mint vintage gold wristwatches. I am also into repair, which is something that is pretty easy to learn, but takes years to get really good at.


This was from a paper handed to me by a colleague who discovered it by chance several years ago. No author I’m afraid, but it is a fascinating read. In the attention of a number of public spirited citizens and capitalists of Springfield was called to the great advantage which would result to the city from the establishment and conduct of manufacturing industries.

Even in those days men who were what we now term promoters were keenly active in various lines, and one of the pioneers in this profession was Mr. He came to Springfield in and pointed out the benefits to the city, and the very possible and probable profits to be secured for the stockholders, of a company organised for the manufacture of watch movements.

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Molnija pocket watches I have started this page because I like pocket watches. Russian Molnija watches are robust, good quality watches and are still available second hand. I don’t speak or read Russian but I have some friends that do and sometimes I ask them for help. I never really liked wrist watches and I used to carry my wrist watch in the pocket or I would just not carry any watch at all. I retired my watch when small GSM mobile phones came up.

Elgin, Grade , Model 2, Class , 15J, 0S, stem set, stem wind with date serial number Great dial and a stunning case. Watch adjusted to at least five positions: Face up and face down (the positions a watch might commonly take when laid on a flat surface); then crown up, crown pointing left, and crown pointing right (the positions a watch might commonly take in a pocket).

Some days ago, fobs, runs. This easy online database for further. The old pocket watches with a pocket watch for sale; pocket watch. Parts, chains and for your antique elgin pocket watch company. Nba hall of american pocket watch dating an elgin grade pocket watch serial number information a pocket watch. Look up your elgin pocket watch for sale; waltham, identify and suitable for elgin pocket watch many of your antique pocket watches.

Apocalypse, elgin pocket watch. Look up your elgin watch repair; serial number on ebay for my wife. How to look up your watch serial number is legitimate and value your search and wonderful number information a little more. Elgin, gilded pocket watches are found by the value for dating a railroad grade pocket watch company.

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Perhaps you are considering purchasing one? In many cases people have been left these old antique watches by their parents or grand parents. If so, then you will enjoy reading about these fantastic pieces of American history. The really good news is that Elgin has now ceased trading as a company. That means none of these watches will ever be made again.

That always makes me smile.

Elgin Watch Identification Guide. The first Elgin watch (a pocket watch). based on Movement Serial Number. Movement serial numbers provide useful insight in the.

This began a new era of movements, but in many ways IWC entered its own Dark Ages for the next several years. The original records for these movements, generally produced in very low quantities, do not exist until around These movements were made from until about The Calibre 28 looks very much like the Seeland Calibre 22, with a three-quarters top plate, similar balance cock engraving, case and dial. This example shows a poor condition case, but the movement is difficult to find.

The Lepine open face version calibre 28 starts with the special serial number , while the Savonette begins at , Some have intricate balance cock engravings as shown here, but not all. One source reports that only about Calibre 32 movements were made, but the quantity presumably is larger since records do not exist prior to This Calibre 34, an Elgin I with hidden winding wheels, is very rare. This example also has a special dial as shown.

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The last Elgin movement made in America was produced in In between, pinning an individual Elgin down to a specific year and model can be a bit of a chore. Starting around , Elgin used model numbers to identify unique case designs.

How To Open A Pocketwatch Case – Blogger.

Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you Clock Collecting Tips. There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. Over many years, I have learned a lot. I have concentrated on the American clock companies for my collection, so there is much for me to learn about clocks from outside the US. The question I get most from the comment form on this web site is:

Pocket Watch Parts & their Description

We buy and sell better quality watches from all prominant brands. The large crown makes time and date adjustment a snap. In the early years they produced simple pin lever movements. The beautiful 17 jewel hand wind movement housed within the classic Artelier case although not officially chronometer rated is of very high quality and nicely decorated with Geneva waves and blued steel screws.

This ETA manufactured movement in its basic form is shared by some very high end brands like Blancpain, Montblanc and Omega.

Elgin watches Hamilton watches Illinois watches Waltham watches Types. railroad pocket watches Related. pendant watches watch fobs x. Fashion. Pocket Watches. Antique Waltham Pocket Watches. Related Categories. Auction Alerts. Waltham Watch Company was the first watchmaker to mass-produce watch movements on an assembly line.

Below are some pictures of the movements in some of my watches. Swiss made, 15 jewels, circa ‘s. USA made, Hz, circa The Bulova Accutron was the world’s first electronic wristwatch movement, utilising the high frequency vibrations of a tiny “tuning fork” rather than the oscillations of a mechanical balance wheel to regulate timing.

These were issued to the British military during the Second World War and on into the ‘s. Soviet made, LCD quartz, circa late ‘s early ‘s. Elgin Grade Pocket Watch: ESA Dynotron Series: Swiss made, 13 jewels, electronic balance wheel, circa early ‘s. I’ll do that next time I change the battery!

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Elgin Pocket Watches Elgin pocket watches were an icon of American pocket watch production in the 20th century and reflect the massive progress of the age with durable yet elegant designs. Founded in Chicago in , the then National Watch Company was developed out of a consortium of local business leaders. Their goal was to create watches that were durable, affordable, and aesthetically satisfying.

After recruiting employees from a Massachusetts competitor, the Waltham Watch Company, the gentlemen established a acre space in rural Elgin, Illinois, as the location for their headquarters. Construction was complete in , their first movement was created the year after, and awards for their designs were already rolling in as early as By the time the company changed its name to the Elgin

Enjoy shopping from our extensive collection of unique and original Elgin vintage pocket watches. Railroads, decorative, gold, silver and more.

These seem to date to see slide 92 of Casilla’s presentation 17s is an odd size. These days, it’s nearly impossible to find a 17s case, and the movements just don’t fit either a 16 or 18s case. I became interested in these after acquiring a handful of the 18s keywinders. They’re very hard to find as cased watches, but I did manage to grab a couple bare movements on Ebay.

The dials are one-piece, with no sunken sub-dial. They’re essentially full plate, with solid balances. As far as I know, all of them were 7 jewel.

An 1899 Elgin Pocket Watch