The factory was built in and closed its doors in For the next four years the buildings stood as they had been left, complete with machinery, tools and equipment. Between and two-thirds of the site was demolished. When the Corporation was winding up and wanted to dispose of the property, a group of tenants formed a limited company in order to buy the site in Since acquiring the site Maws Craft Centre Jackfield Ltd has used a large proportion of its rental income to renovate the areas that were still derelict and improve the buildings that were originally converted. However, they had to contend with the same problems as the company they had bought out— the local clays were unsuitable and materials had to be brought in at great expense from Shropshire.

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William Moorcroft created designs for the Macintyre’s Aurelian Ware range of high-Victorian pottery, which had transfer-printed and enamelled decoration in bold red, blue and gold colours. He also developed the art nouveau-influenced Florian Ware which was decorated entirely by hand, with the design outlined in trailed slip using a technique known as tubelining. William Moorcroft’s designs won him a gold medal at the St. Louis International Exhibition in Each piece of pottery produced was personalised with Moorcroft’s own signature or initials.

It is an earlier process dating from the s or even s and in it’s time was a super innovative way to produce well coloured quality tiles. Typically red, buff and white clays were used with translucent olive or turquoise glazes, the clay colours would show through but be tempered by the overlying glaze. Tubeline is a much misused.

Order Information Hand painting is one of the oldest processes for decorating tiles probably only predated by incised decoration. Late 19thC and Edwardian hand painted tiles were likely not decorated by the company whose mark is on the back of the tiles, many companies sold unglazed tiles to other manufacturers who would decorate and often apply their own mark most often painted through a stencil. There was also a reasonably well developed industry in tile decorating and furniture makers may have used the services of a local artist, pottery or art studio.

Tile decorators of the time would often buy in plain white tiles and decorate with enamels, in the late Victorian era it was popular to decorate plain tiles and it was a recognised pastime for well to do ladies. There were even books of patterns suitable for tiles and books published for home schooling although it seems that most were copied from illustrated romantic novels of the time. Enamel decorated tiles enabled a much wider range of colours although not being protect by a high-fire glaze they are more prone to wear.

Some companies openly copied designs by other companies, copyright only lasting for three years back then. Relatively few tiles were hand painted under glaze due to the range of colours available that were able to withstand the kiln temperatures required to melt the glaze, enamel colours were baked on to the glaze surface at lower temperatures. The colours when applied would be very different from those after firing so the artists had to have a greater understanding of the medium than enamel painters and especially watercolour painters whose colours were very similar from application to finished item.

Monograms or signatures imply that a major company didn’t decorate the tile as major manufacturers rarely permitted artists to identify their works, usually only when the artist’s name was so well known that it would add value and assist in the sale of the tile. Often in a set some will be signed and others not, artists tend to sign works they are most happy with and leave the lesser works unsigned. As tiles may have been purpose made for a particular project like fitting in to furniture numbering on the back is common so that the furniture maker would fit the tiles in the specified position.

Many hand painted tiles by major manufacturers and the art potters were not freehand painted, there was some sort of an outline for the artist to follow.


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An delightful original art deco period vase designed by Charlotte Rhead for Bursley Ware and dating to c It is decorated with a tubeline pattern titled “Peony” which has a tubeline pattern of wind swept peony flowers and leaves in blue tones with a mottled cream background.

Dating Early Wedgwood Jasperware The early redfigure artists were not slow to exploit the advantages of the new system.. There should be no marks. Within a few decades, porcelain factories sprung up at Nymphenburg in Bavaria and Capodimonte in Naples and many other places, often financed by a local ruler.. For example as seen to the right a translucent olive green glaze would give olive green on the white clay, mid brown on the buff clay and dark brown on the reddish clay and and another of similar colours of clay with a turquoise glaze.

For example, from as far afield as St. Com web pages are for entertainment or educational purposes only. Persian wares gradually relaxed Islamic restrictions on figurative ornament, and painted figuratives scenes became very important.. In a patent was taken out on the first bone china, subsequently perfected by Josiah Spode. The great era of Turkish pottery c.

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I doubt that it was ever fully understood by consumers for there are indications that even in the distinction was not clear to all as some tubelined tiles by Alfred Meakin have Tube Lined stamped verso probably to indicate that they were limited editions and more expensive. I am not sure if I have ever seen a victorian tubelined tile the earliest I can vouch for is and that on a plastic clay body rather than dust-pressed. Original embossed tiles are now often called tubelined in order to boost their status, to suggest rarity, and with internet self publishing not least in online auctions the vast majority of tiles described as tubelined are not tubelined but are embossed.

Most reproduction art nouveau tiles are tubelined versions of embossed tiles so they aren’t really reproductions, one could say reproductions of the designs but not reproduction of the tiles. A description often seen alongside reproduction tubelined tiles says the following: Art Nouveau tiles used a process of tube lining where slip was trailed onto the surface of the tile.

This formed raised lines separating the areas where different color was wanted. Colored glazes were poured into the areas of the tile formed by the tube-lined decoration. These tube-lined tiles later gave rise to the moulded Art Nouveau tiles as a cheaper alternative. This is wrong in almost every every detail yet is repeated by manufacturers and retailers in order to sell products inferior to those they are ‘reproducing’. Slip is piped on to the tile not trailed, the outline is applied via a tube.

Glazes are painted not poured Embossed tiles predate tubeline Moulding is a more expensive process to initiate Plain tiles are moulded too! Americans call them press-moulded which is more apt than the british dust-pressed. Moulded decoration or rather relief moulded tiles should be called embossed as they are described in original catalogues.

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Following the death of John Slater in he established his own design studio within the Nile St. Allen retired in about and died in at the age of We regret to record the death of Mr. Robert Allen will long be remembered as a talented pottery artist.

Olinda, Brazil. Fresno – United States.

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