November 23, Canada Falling Behind In AI Adoption Canada is rapidly falling behind other countries in artificial intelligence AI adoption and demand, which is putting Canadian talent and future competitiveness at risk, says a report by Deloitte. With only 16 per cent of all businesses reporting using AI technologies — a number that has remained stagnant over the last four years — Deloitte examined the reasons why businesses are failing to use AI to solve business problems. The study finds that both consumers’ and businesses’ lack of understanding, lack of trust, lack of awareness, and an inability by companies to scale small pilots were barriers limiting adoption. It says that true leadership requires demand for AI and that not enough businesses are investing in AI, given its transformative potential. As well, if Canada continues on its current path, it risks providing talent, research, and startups that will feed the growth of other countries — such as the United States and China — without reaping the benefits in Canada. Deloitte’s report outlines the need for a shared vision of what it will take to maximize the economic and social gains that can be realized through the effective use of AI across business, government, and society.

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There she meets the young and dashing vice-consul Will Derby with a wide, warm and inviting smile. Sally feels it’s her lucky day! But Will thinks Sally does not have enough ties to the Philippines that will make her come back. He denies her visa, beams one last sweet smile at her and turns his back before she could protest.

Sometimes, she would also play matchmaker. “There was a divorcee who wrote letters to his ex-wife via the show. After a few times, they finally got back together.

Even for a former model and one- time beauty contest runner-up, the prospect of donning unforgivingly revealing swimwear is daunting. And she has had to do it several times. She wore a bikini in one of her earliest MediaCorp serials, swim team drama The Champions Babes , her character turned up at Tiong Bahru wet market in a two- piece after her volleyball team lost a bet. I felt rather uncom- fortable in Tiong Bahru because that’s not a place to wear a bikini.

It took some convincing by executive producer Molby Low that the scene was necessary and in keeping with the character. I recorded a single, Warm Current, with Olivia Ong and after that experience with producer Chen Jiaming, I realised I can’t take stress when it comes to singing. My dignity shrank till it couldn’t be seen.

Are there really that many ways of enunciating the word “ai” love?

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With incredibly spacious interior and stunning architectural designs, the 1, seater performance venue features tiered seating in its stalls and two circle levels, including removable seats at the lower stall and additional audience sitting space at the orchestra pit for your special needs. The Audience Experience Capable of hosting diverse performances and events, including musicals, concerts, award ceremonies, product launches, seminars and intimate corporate functions, the theatre is also designed with an intimate ambience to provide the best audience experience, guests will enjoy close proximity to the stage and excellent vantage views.

Guests can also chill out at the spacious foyer areas for pre-show activities.

Matchmaker was a short-lived syndicated dating game show where six people were “matched-up” by host Dave Hull who couldn’t see them, but could only hear their answers to the questions that he asked them, all the while his back was turned.

He has four daughters; however, he is not expressive with his affections and his daughters become very distant from him as they grow up. Dashun has been estranged from his eldest daughter Linglan Constance Song ever since he personally sent her to a drug rehabilitation centre when she was The rebellious Linglan did not return home after her release. She gave birth to a daughter, Yiling Chen Chuxuan , and after her boyfriend abandoned her, both began living with a bookie, Lu Gua Chen Tianwen , who often looks for opportunities to violate Yiling.

Yiling becomes good friends with Dashun by coincidence and through this Linglan is reunited with her father. Linglan is indifferent to Dashun’s good intentions to make things up to her. Lu Gua on the other hand takes advantage of Dashun’s guilt to reap benefits out of him. Due to financial constraints, she has decided not to try for a son — a decision that places her at odds with her mother-in-law Su Baozuan Jin Yinji. Kaiwang’s sister Caixia Patricia Mok moves back home with her husband Kang Qingxiong Rayson Tan when his business fails and he goes bankrupt.

As Caixia is not on cordial terms with Zijing, this further fuels the existing bad blood with her mother-in-law. Qingxiong instigates Kaiwang to get a second wife overseas to bear him a son. Kaiwang is tempted and his indecisiveness causes Zijing to leaves home.

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Increase in divorces a worrying trend It is a worrying trend for a predominantly patriarchical society. I doubt however that the women who filed for divorce would see it as ‘worrying’. So even though I may not agree with the tone of the article it is posted here. One solution to this worrying trend is to redefine ‘the family’ set up new indicators, accept other forms and structures of the ‘family’. So this article is one for all my ex-students out there.

CRIB Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based social enterprise which aims to empower women to become successful entrepreneurs through networking, matchmaking and business incubation. muru-D is the start-up accelerator backed by Telstra.

They stood firm on their convictions despite the odds. Some paid a heavy toll for their beliefs — deprivations, long prison terms, lonely lives in self-imposed exile. But they never broke. Some will say the unflinching attitude of these dissidents against what they perceived as coercive authority has been an exercise in futility. Their stories need to be told. Rather than to glorify their tough stance, these memoirs are a record of human endurance.

It exemplifies the extremes sacrifices some people will make in pursuit of their ideals. Clement Mesenas started his career in The Straits Times in , cutting his teeth in journalism as a young crime reporter before moving on to the sub-editors desk and then to the field of magazine publishing.

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A new batch of Singaporeans is trying to break into Taiwan’s competitive show business. They follow in the footsteps of Singapore’s golden couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, who are signed with Taiwan artist agency Catwalk. Singaporean singer-host Huang Jing Lun, who got his break on Taiwan’s popular singing TV contest, One Million Star 3, has carved a niche for himself on variety shows with his slow-paced way of talking.

He is signed to Taiwan agency, Gin Star Entertainment.

Oct 13,  · The expansive show of emotion is a rare event for Singapore and its million people. The island nation, about four times the size of Washington, D.C., is known around the world as a wealthy trade and finance center with a strict social order that includes a ban .

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel. Thank You Michelle and other readers for sending me links to so many of these positive news articles. They have also identified that the protein MIF inhibits this mechanism. The discovery is also relevant to other neuro-degenerative diseases. TY Israel21c for a fascinating discussion of how Israeli scientists are engineering the tiniest parts of matter to make life better for millions of people around the world.

Applications include a tiny robot transporting drugs to a cancer cell in your body; or artificial retina to restore lost sight. The device measures and reports left atria pressure – a reliable early indication of cardiac deterioration, which medication can treat. Its second German acquisition in two years is GPH, which monitors 10, heart patients.

They visited animals and listened to a lecture in Hebrew and Arabic about the importance of treating animals kindly. I remember our meeting in New York last September warmly. IsraAID distributed over 40 tons of rice, flour and drinking water to residents of the Tongoa and Mataso islands that were devastated by Cyclone Pam.

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Guess it was about 1 month. There are 7 children. One of them is new. Today is the first time I see the new boy. New addition to the classroom.

MediaCorp/Toggle show info: A brand new drama series! Before dawn, the body of an unidentified year-old boy is found floating in the swimming pool of The Hush. In the hallways, neighbours trade whispered gossip as an investigation takes place, unravelling tensions and long-buried secrets of the residents. Who was the boy?

Chief executive John Porter said the interim results highlight the company’s continuing subscriber growth. Total television subscribers had risen by 26, to , since the end of , on improved sales and a strong take-up of Austar’s MyStar personal digital recorder offering. Average monthly customer churn for the second quarter of calendar fell to 1. Total average revenue per user ARPU for the second quarter grew 2.

Mr Porter said Austar was keeping an eye on financial markets before deciding on further capital management initiatives, after an on-market share buyback in May and June when it purchased and cancelled 46 million shares. Austar did not declare an interim dividend. And for rural denizens not so exposed to the mining or soft commodities booms, it’s a simple choice between a night in front of the telly and discretionary items such as, er, food.

Because of either rural prosperity or the whiff of tough times, Austar’s subscriber numbers continue to head in the right direction, as does the all-important ARPU average revenue per unit, up 2. Churn — another key measure — is also down, but still at less than desired levels. For those who have not yet had their fill of foul-mouthed British chefs, the premier of Hells Kitchen series four screens in October. Porter is also heartened by the strength of TV sales, especially the high-definition models.

But there’s a growing dichotomy between Austar’s healthy operating result and its reported net loss: Austar is doing well with subscription growth, especially the uptake of its My Star personal digital recorder product. And what’s a bit of debt between friends when you’re a monopoly provider?

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A brand new drama series! Before dawn, the body of an unidentified year-old boy is found floating in the swimming pool of The Hush. In the hallways, neighbours trade whispered gossip as an investigation takes place, unravelling tensions and long-buried secrets of the residents. Who was the boy? How did he die? Will the lives of the residents ever be the same again?

May 21,  · The Hush – A New Drama Series on Channel 5, MediaCorp Singapore. I’ve always enjoyed Remesh Panicker’s narrations in documentaries. He has a rich voice and this drew me to The Hush. And from the trailers, he comes across well, playing the part of Nelson Kumar. MediaCorp/Toggle show info: A brand new drama series! Before dawn,.

An international tribunal ruled on Thursday Oct 29 it had the power to hear a case brought by the Philippines over disputed islands in the South China Sea, in a move likely to trigger fury in Beijing. Manila has insisted the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which the Philippines and China have both ratified, should be used to resolve the bitter territorial row over isolated reefs and islets, which has triggered growing international alarm.

But China has refused to participate in the proceedings, arguing the Permanent Court of Arbitration – which is more than a century old and based in The Hague – had no jurisdiction over the case. Instead, the court ruled the case reflects “disputes between the two states concerning the interpretation or application of the Convention” – something which falls within its remit.

China insists it has sovereign rights to nearly all of the South China Sea, a strategic waterway through which about a third of all the world’s traded oil passes. The disputed waters – claimed in part by Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Brunei – have also become the stage for a tussle for regional dominance between Beijing and Washington, the world’s two largest economic and military powers. Following a stand-off between Chinese ships and the weak Filipino Navy in , China took control of a rich fishing ground called Scarborough Shoal that is within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone.

China has also undertaken giant reclamation activities, raising fears it will use artificial islands to build new military outposts close to the Philippines and other claimants. Ruling in The tribunal – set up in to resolve international disputes between countries – stressed on Thursday its ruling did not yet go to the heart of the merits of Manila’s case, which was first filed in A new hearing will now be held behind closed doors in The Hague, and a final ruling is not expected until next year.

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President, Co-Founder Ophir Laizerovich has more than 13 years in online business development. Prior to that, he worked for Blockdot, an advergaming company, as Director of Online Media. Under his leadership, was able to help the company get sold to Media General. Prior to launching Conversion Squared Corporation, Steve served in multiple roles at senior-level management for some of the largest online dating and personal matchmaking companies.

Ten must show all sports on the Government’s anti-siphoning list on Ten before they are shown on ONE, or show them simultaneously. The free-to-air TV industry wants the list to be changed so sports on the list can be run first on the multi-channels.

But today, the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is a bold, headline-making platform for artists. Being artistic director is not just picking works for a pop-up festival — as great as it is choosing from over submissions. So I make sure 50 per cent of the lineup is from Singapore, I choose artists who are really serious about their works and developing them, and I try to give them what they need, like a rehearsal space. Then playwright Jean Tay showed me this script that people had said was unstageable.

I felt she just needed to work with someone with expertise in puppetry, so I match-made her with Benjamin Ho from Paper Monkey Theatre. The Waterloo Street centre also provides rehearsal-venue support. Down The Rabbit Hole White Rabbit Red Rabbit returns in various different languages to take more Singaporeans and artists on a spontaneous, unrehearsed journey. Plus, last year, per cent of the audience — kids, tourists, arty-farty regulars — were staying after every show for the post-show talks.

Of course, this begs the question:

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With works from familiar faces like Victric Thng and Boo Junfeng, today’s session also marks the very first public screening of Martyn See’s Speakers Cornered. Green Zeng’s Blank Rounds unfortunately was pulled from the today’s schedule. Twogether – Victric Thng This is an extremely short piece running 1. Effectively sweet like a Hallmark card like message, it’s played out to the tune of the childhood song “The More We Get Together”.

Aug 04,  · Shine Festival Mediacorp “SPOP SING!” Top 20 Meet & Greet Clip: X Best view in HQ mode and full screen #Shine #ShineFestival #SupportLocalTalent #SPOPSING.

Prior she was consul and senior trade commissioner at the Canadian consulate general in Sydney, Australia Hannan has worked on the China desk, as Director of Trade Commissioner Service renewal and as senior policy adviser to the assistant deputy minister for International Business Development, Investment and Innovation. From , she worked in the Privy Council Office as a foreign policy analyst and was responsible for the United States and for energy files.

He is responsible for leading policy and issue management practice for countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Myanmar, and Singapore. His charter includes policy advisory, public advocacy, and corporate responsibility in the Asia-Pacific region. He has also worked for the government of the Philippines and the Economist Intelligence Unit. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics. McDonald was appointed as High Commissioner to Singapore in She leads the internal transformation of the company to scale with its future growth: She also has her sights set on establishing coffee tourism as a key draw card to Southern Laos.

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