You can follow him on Twitter if you are so inclined. Large crowds would gather to watch and ridicule the recipient, who would be repeatedly plunged into water for a set number of submersions that were predetermined by the local magistrate. Should have shut her big yap: This article will identify six of them. False Rape Accusers Have another drink you lying bitch! A false rape accusation is the intentional reporting of a rape when no rape has occurred. All people who have been caught out for false rape accusations deserve a very long cucking stool session, with a large and spiteful audience present to witness it. Teenage girls and university students are particularly recommended to attend a cucking, to serve as a stern warning and future deterrent. Along with Tim Wise and Al Sharpton not pictured , are prime candidates to get acquainted with the cucking stool for race baiting Race baiters are influencial people who repeatedly make groundless accusations of racism to the point of acting like a one-note broken record.

Edward Snowden

Stallman, and Eric S. A controversy over politics is now seeing some of its developers threatening to withdraw the license to all of their code, potentially destroying or making the whole Linux kernel unusable for a very long time. An open letter posted to the Linux Kernel Mailing List explains: Date Thu, 20 Sep Contributors can, at any time, rescind the license grant regarding their property via written notice to those whom they are rescinding the grant from regarding their property code.

When the defendants ignore the rescission and continue using the plaintiff’s code, the plaintiff can sue under the copyright statute.

10 days ago · As I’ve said before on here, the long-standing political pattern in America, dating back all the way to the Clinton administration, (longer than a significant percentage of today’s voting-age.

Princess Cruises, see http: Marriage vows renewals A marriage vow means a commitment for life in good times and bad, not just for a period of time, so marriage vow renewals are technically superfluous, a romantic notion but important to some. Some may want them to be as solemn as the original vows and at the same venue, before one’s family and friends and with the same minister or at least in the same church or place of worship. Others seek a romantic offshore location like Bermuda.

There is no legislation or regulation in Bermuda affecting marriage vows renewals. Unlike in the USA and other foreign countries where Justices of the Peace can perform both marriages and marriage renewals, in Bermuda they cannot.

Qatar’s blockade in 2017, day by day developments

Prosecutors view someone as a subject when that person has engaged in conduct that is under investigation but there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges. Mueller reiterated the need to interview Trump — both to understand whether he had any corrupt intent to thwart the Russia investigation and to complete this portion of his probe, the people said.

Other advisers, however, noted that subjects of investigations can easily become indicted targets — and expressed concern that the special prosecutor was baiting Trump into an interview that could put the president in greater legal peril.

A slippery stack of magazines, including New Yorkers dating back to the previous presidential administration, teetered in the dining room. I kept up with the newspaper I worked for, but if I bought a Sunday New York Times I’d still be trudging through its Travel section on Thursday.

Prior to [ edit ] Catlin — Dance to the berdache Prior to western contact, many[ quantify ] American Native tribes had third-gender roles. The term berdache is not a Native American word; rather it was a European slur covering a range of third-gender people in different tribes. Hall is likely to have had an intersex condition, and was ordered by the Virginia court to wear both a man’s breeches and a woman’s apron and cap at the same time.

One example she cites is Mary Henly, a female-assigned individual in Massachusetts who was charged with illegally wearing men’s clothing in because it was “seeming to confound the course of nature. He was, however, able to marry a woman. Many may have worn men’s clothes because they weren’t allowed to fight and this was their only means of participating in the war effort.

Some of them were transgender and continued to live as men throughout their lives. The lhamana were third gender people who were male-assigned , but dressed as women and performed traditionally female tasks, as well as serving an important role as mediator in the tribe.

Facebook’s Use Of Smear Merchants Is The Norm, Not The Exception

Countries with higher rankings, especially the ones at the top, stand out for their multiple concerted efforts to promote the inclusion of gay and lesbian soldiers. In many of them special support and advocacy organizations are present. By contrast, countries near the bottom of the index show the lack of aspiration to promote greater inclusion of the LGBT military personnel. Perhaps the most well-known example is found in ancient Greece and Rome. Homosexual behavior was encouraged among soldiers because it was thought to increase unit cohesiveness, morale and bravery.

There are various accounts of trials and executions of members of the Knights Templar in the 14th Century and British sailors during the Napoleonic wars for homosexuality.

Sceptre ⚧ (real name Will Noble, tranny name Sarah Noble, alternate alias Sarahlicity) is a former Wikipedia admin from the UK (LOL DENIED and LOL DENIED) racist tranny and pedophile, who spent his entire teen years being obsessed with editing wikipedia and getting beat up IRL at school by the various people he you think that that’s the saddest thing you have heard in your entire.

By Adam Rosenberg The notoriously caustic Donald Trump stan — who once called RogerJStoneJr home — had his tweeting privileges revoked over the weekend. It was presumably a direct response to his widely shared thread attacking CNN correspondent Don Lemon. Virginia cyclist gives President Trump’s motorcade the one-finger salute While a look at Stone’s Twitter account page right now redirects to a suspension notice, sources told Buzzfeed that it’s meant to be a permanent removal.

It’s not entirely clear what has gotten Stone so agitated this weekend, but he blew a fuse on Friday night in a string of aggressive, abusive tweets directed primarily at Lemon. The intensity of the blast was so much that others wondered: Will Twitter actually, finally do something about this? I wonder if these angry, racist Roger Stone tweets violate the Twitter terms of service agreement. And a bunch more.

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Barrett , [6] [7] was a rear admiral in the United States Coast Guard who became a senior official with the FBI and was at the Pentagon on September 11, , when it was struck by an airliner hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists. Snowden said that “in one way or another”, his entire family has been employed by the federal government, and that he “expected to pursue the same path”.

One longtime friend said that he was always articulate, even as a child.

Twitter allowing BuzzFeed to dictate which accounts are ‘propaganda’ accounts Khizr Khan’s story that his travel privileges were ‘restricted’ comes apart Words of wisdom from Hillary on.

Qatar’s blockade in , day by day developments Here is how the Qatar-Gulf crisis developed day by day up to December 5. Qatar-UAE condolences Mother’s death. This cable of condolences is the first direct cable to be publicly announced between Qatar and the UAE since the beginning of the crisis, in which Kuwait assumed the mediator role.

As reported by state media from both countries, this was the first official contact between Doha and Riyadh since the crisis began. Protesters also called for a boycott of the UAE, the main sponsor of the splintered government in the north African country’s east region, where most of the abuses have been reported. The UAE is responsible for all of what happens there.

It has done little to combat the enslavement of Africans. It is for these reasons we believe the UAE has to be isolated and boycotted,” he said. Qatar’s economy is now growing much faster than anticipated, and the country is well prepared to withstand the crisis in relations with its neighbours, Al Thani said. Blockade effect Essential medicines. Kuwait-Saudi relations Kuwait denies summoning ambassador. On Wednesday, Kuwait’s news agency cited a source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissing reports that it had summoned the Saudi ambassador to Kuwait.

UAE-Qatar tensions No escalation.

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A A Days before the May primary election in Pennsylvania, voters in Lancaster County got an unusual letter in the mail. One example surfaced earlier this week, when voters in New York and New Jersey received customized letters listing the elections that they had missed in the past. Meanwhile, the North Carolina Republican Party sent out a mailer last week reminding recipients that their voting history is a public record that anyone can look up on the Internet.

Some voters were horrified: Besides simply finding the text messages annoying, some critics argue that they infringe on their personal privacy.

The former colleague said Snowden was given full administrator privileges, with virtually unlimited access to NSA data. dating back at least to his time working as a technician in the Geneva station of the CIA.” (18 days after publication of Snowden’s NSA documents began), U.S. officials revoked .

The unabridged history of our favorite little Limey Wiki nazi [ edit ] Can you say pity date? He started his Wikipedia career off by vandalizing the George W. He then edited for over a year there without actually writing anything important , such as this revert of obvious vandalism. Nevertheless, he was very successful in the “becoming an admin” process. As one might expect, this didn’t really involve a lot of actual editing.

It was mostly making friends with popular Wikipedians like Phaedriel , nathanr , and others, voting “support” on all the Requests for Adminship, and voting “delete” on all the Articles for Deletion. He also joined Esperanza , which would later become tragically ironic. He had quite a nice little social network going on. Before too long, he was made an admin , which was the ultimate step in his little MySpace -like activities on Wikipedia.

He even got himself a little online girlfriend. Best of all, he could get rid of any users who he didn’t particularly care for: Attack me, you’re blocked. And blocked they were, usually for ridiculously long times.


Topanga honors their promise to see other people, which Cory is not happy about. He actually jumps on the back of a guy he saw her on a date with and proceeds to lash out at Topanga for having the nerve to date other people But I guess he can cheat on Topanga, break up with her, and date other people, but if Topanga thinks she can do the shame Each and every character has their own special relationship with the famed mentor to a generation. Feeny helps Shawn realize that he has the potential to be more than who he thought his family and upbringing had doomed him to be.

Today, we now also have organizations that are actively vying for our attention, distracting us with smartphone notifications, highly personalized news, addictive games, Buzzfeed-style headlines and .

Qatar’s blockade in , day by day developments Here is how the Qatar-Gulf crisis developed day by day up to December 5. At the time, analysts described the conference as an attempt to gather support for a coup in Qatar and accused Saudi Arabia and the UAE of funding it. During the meeting, they reviewed the relations between Qatar and Ingushetia and discussed aspects of cooperation in economic, trade and investment, as well as means of developing them.

Why did this exhibit at the Louvre Abu Dhabi wipe some countries off the map? On Monday, both countries held a session of official talks and signed a memorandum of understanding MoU on the “fight against terrorism” and organised crime. On Monday, both countries signed an agreement encouraging and protecting mutual investments and an agreement on air services between the two governments. Sierra Leone was not among the eight countries that downgraded ties with Qatar at the start of the crisis.

In an interview with the Washington Post on Friday, al-Attiyah said his Gulf neighbours have “tried everything” to destabilise the country, but their intentions to invade were “[defused]” by Qatar. They used mosques against us. Then they tried to get some puppets to bring in and replace our leaders,” the minister said. Ankara and Doha would determine the “timeline of the construction of the necessary infrastructure and when these forces will be deployed through talks”, he said.

The countries also noted that it was within their “sovereign right” to cut ties with Doha in order to protect their national security interests. DeptofDefense Secretary James Mattis: Qatar-UAE condolences Mother’s death.

Transgender legal history in the United States

Everyone from heads of state and industry to surgeons call Charlie for advice because “everybody knows farmers have some of the best advice. This is the very basis of Vegeta’s rivalry with Goku. Goku not only surpasses Vegeta in every way after the Namek Saga, but is the very first Saiyan to reach Super Saiyan Status in over 1, years and defeats their long time oppressor, Frieza.

While Vegeta is still very powerful and usually second only to Goku in strength, the catch here is that Goku is a third-class Saiyan warrior while Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyans. Whis appeared to be this at first, being an attendant to the God of Destruction with no mention of position or race , but it’s later revealed he’s an Angel and answers directly to Zeno. He may not be a God, but his position is nothing short of bragging.

Boy Meets World is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, no question. Topanga was the teen babe that stole the hearts of millions of teens everywhere. Shawn was cool and kind-hearted in a .

The case concerned a transsexual person from New York City who had undergone sex reassignment surgery and wanted a change of name and sex on their birth certificate. The New York City Health Department refused to grant the request, and the court ruled that the New York City and New Jersey Health Code only permitted a change of sex on the birth certificate if an error was made recording it at birth, so the Health Department acted correctly.

The decision of the court in Weiner was affirmed in Mtr. The change of sex was denied, but the name change was granted. The same occurred in the case of Matter of Anonymous, 64 Misc. In , Bernardsville, New Jersey junior high music teacher Paula Grossman was fired from her position of 14 years after openly transitioning and announcing her identity as a woman.

She appealed to the U. Supreme Court, which in refused to hear the case. A few other scattered positive developments also occurred in this period. In Minneapolis became the first city in the United States to pass trans-inclusive civil rights protection legislation.

What Is Privilege?