Thu Apr 30, 5: Got Ghost on Sand River Assault — but on defense, which isn’t usually as much easy spotting damage at least while being unspotted yourself , but it turns out from the SE ridge there are some good positions to counterspot the middle ridge as well as the east side of the north half of the map. With competent shooters I think I’d have topped 6k damage; as it was I squeaked out the 3k for the mission. Spotting 6 before getting spotted was another easy one; rolled Erlenberg south spawn in my T71, rolled up the west side of the east ridge and spotted everything crossing. The “get spotting damage on 6 tanks” was a little tougher. Workable, except that only 2 TDs go line. Then the ISU behind me rolls up to nearly level with me so he can shoot at the enemy T

WoT:Blitz New guns for IS-6 and KV-5 on Supertest

For most of its stay in World of Tanks its armor was largely weak for a tier 8 heavy tank. Most of the frontal armor is above mm effective armor which poses problems for even tier 10 tanks. Starting at the front hull you have a large upper glacis that sits at mm effective armor. The lower glacis starts out with a vertical mm thick armor plate that still gives higher tier tanks a chance to bounce on. Most of the lower glacis however sits at mm effectiveness; aside from the mm effective area on the very bottom.

Along the edges you also find armor that is semi-weak but still difficult to hit regularly.

One more hitzones mod with new advantages. What can be more useful in battle as information about right direction of shooting. This kind of information give hit zones mods.

World Of Tanks Preferential Matchmaking Tanks In our case, it called for a solution that would support the latest technological advancements while having enough capacity to let us advance graphics in tandem with it.. This impressive revamp has been over four years in the making. Today Im discussing the issues with T8 matchmaking and preferential premium tanks. Each map now has a distinguished flare and provides even deeper immersion thanks to a variety of new and improved technologies and effects..

Does anyone have a list of which tanks mostly premium I assume have preferential matchmaking? This combination performed well during Supertests, and wed like test it once again with you. However, among the tanks measured against it, it has the worst gun handling stats where it is almost 1 round a minute behind most of its competitors with the exception being the Panther II. Dating In Fayetteville Nc Simply tweaking the original engine to improve the games looks just wouldnt cut it: Are there any others like them?

Straight Outta Supertest: Accuracy Nerf

The Vickers Med Mk 1 is slow, thin armoured and huge but the guns are good. The 15mm Besa is good in maps where you get up close and personal five round burst and capable of 5 burst,s before reloading although the damage per round is not that great. The bigger guns can do serious damage with at most 2 shotting any other oponent at tier 1.

My favourite is the Cromwell though, right beast, dart around the map, small size, good penetration on gun. I been using it to hunt down T ‘s and flank the big tanks killed T26E4 and IS6 which really upset those players.

World of Tanks (WoT) is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming, featuring midth century (s–s) era combat vehicles. It is built upon a freemium business model where the game is free-to-play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee for use of “premium” features.

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IS-6 HD model analysis

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When will be the HD maps be released? Will they all maps come in the same time? We are working as hard as possible on the HD maps at the moment. A lot of the maps are in the final stage, where the map developers are working on finalising the maps and stabilising the codes. Some of them are still in the process.

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Their military doctrine, known today as Blitzkrieg Lighting War , has set a precedence for all countries to model their doctrines after. The Germans emphasized heavy-hitting, well armoured vehicles, which is an easily identifiable trait on their late-war vehicles. It is important to note the German tank fighting style favoured long-range engagements, owing to their extensive combat experience, hard learned on the wide open Eastern Front in World War II. German armoured vehicles were introduced into War Thunder with Update 1.

Class Specifics Germany Light Tanks are relatively on-par with other nations of their respective ranks, boasting good armour for a light tank and decent speed while retaining a solid punch. Their early vehicles like the Panzer II series distinguish themselves from other vehicles in the rank, because are the only ones to possess automatic cannons as their main armament, save for the T Germans lack other light tanks starting from ranks II-V, save for premium vehicles.

Germany Medium Tanks combine excellent firepower, armour, and mobility in sleek designs like the Panther series. Other vehicles of this branch, like the renowned Panzer III series and Panzer IV series may lack in armour, but make up for this deficiency with a hard-hitting, high RoF cannon. Players of this branch will be amazed at the ability of German vehicles to deliver damage to the enemy in short order.

The vehicles, the Leopard series at the V rank is a departure from the latter vehicles, namely sacrificing armour for mobility and speed while still retaining the powerful cannon. The final vehicle for this branch, the KPz combines all the virtues of protection, mobility, and firepower, making it the distant cousin of the legendary Leopard 2. The KPz is a reward to determined players of the German tree, as it is the hallmark of German tank design in the late stages of the Cold War, built from the lessons of the past.

Germany Heavy Tanks are feared historically, either having earth-shaking dimensions like the Maus or possessing thick armour and an excellent cannon like the Tiger.

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Although as someone who isn’t very mechanically inclined i am happy i was never foolish enough to buy one. The sexiest car that i think most non-car people would prefer not to look at , and the car with a more intricate personality then any other I’ve ever driven. The Alfa Romeo GTV6 Styling It was once explained by Jeremy Clarkson in a article about the RX-8 that Japanese car stylists have a cultural tendency to focus more on the bits and parts that add up to the whole, where western styling culture usually emphasis the shape as a whole and then adds bits and parts to freshen it up.

This is one Italian car that i think fits the former more then the latter, especially if your a Giugiaro nut like me.

This guide for World of Tanks Löwe weak spots breaks down its entire effective armor values and you’ll learn every weak spot needed to destroy one easily.

Submit your replays at: Support the channel with 2 clicks: Plans for this vehicle were drawn up in the construction bureau of the Chelyabinsk Kirov plant from December to the summer of Further development and the construction of the first prototype took place at the Uralmash plant. However, the vehicle had no advantages over the other heavy tank designs under consideration, and its armor was seen as inferior to the IS-4 Object , so the IS-6 was not selected for production.

It is also currently available from the gift shop as a bundle with a garage slot all year-round.

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Looking for configuration or driver help? For more detail, try Till’s Tutorial. If all else fails, ask a human in the forums. Researching a printer purchase? Simply browse our database.

The frontal turret armor of the M4A3E2 with the stock turret(as seen here) is mm thick. Shooting at the cheeks(#1 area) is very difficult as the angle increases the further away from the gun you get and can skyrocket up to over mm EA making it difficult to damage.

If you can upgrade and M60 to a Super M60 then it might be able to. Or they could preferential put the Super M60 at the higher tier. I feel its the way with wot with a tier 8 in a tier 10 game. There is a big different between tier 8 tanks and tier 10 tanks. Probably one of the biggest jumps. Look at the Tiger2 – to an E Yes the E isn’t that great of a tank. But damage wise it is very big difference. Now compared to tier 9 to 10 its not really that big of a jump with most vehicles since the tier 9 and 10s share most of the same matchmakings.

Then we have tanks and other vehicles that would need preferential match making. Like lets say the ASU Russian airborne tank destroyer armed with a 57mm cannon and basically no armor. If this thing is added it will basically always need to be top tier even to do damage. Then we get to the point of yamaha sound bar hook up match making.

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But what a great-looking one! The less-known IS-6 arrives in patch 7. WoT Armory makes its case about the IS-6 premium heavy tank. Players with experience buy premium tanks for two major reasons First, they want to make ingame currency for the upkeep of their higher tier tanks. From to patch to patch WG tries to squeeze out more and more real-life currency by open or secret nerfing of credit multipliers, by rolling back cheap farming strategies like HE-nerf for mid-tier tanks with howitzers below 15cm calibre, and so on.

And hey presto, the Type is back in a time-limited sale pack.


August 9, Comments Off on Mecanica jocului: Incepand de astazi, in fiecare duminica va aparea cate un articol dintr-o serie de articole bazate pe mecanica jocului. Astazi o sa vorbim despre matchmaking, cheia jocului cand vine vorba despre batalii. Cu ajutorul sau sunt create echipele, si este principalul factor care influenteaza o lupta. Selectia echipelor pentru bataliile random se face dupa cateva criterii. In urma cu cateva zile, a fost anuntat pe site-ul oficial al jocului World of Tanks Generals ca jocul a ajuns la ultimul capitol din faza Closed Beta.

World of Tanks – IS-6 Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank – Hard As Nails